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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  October 14, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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chilly weather, traffic and top stories. fox 5 morning news continues right now. it's thursday, october the 14th, 2010 as we get a live look at our nation's capitol. i'm gurvir dhindsa. steve chene welcome in on this thursday morning. good morning to tony perkins. >> good morning, everybody. today as far as the weather goes, you want to bring the umbrella with you. we are likely to see rain showers across the region as promised. let's take a look out there. satellite and radar with more clouds than we had lately. those clouds will bring rainfall. you can see it to the west starting to get closer, we think, by later on this morning during the next few hours we will see rainfall move across the region. and tucker was saying a few moments ago, could be a few thunderstorms later on today. we can't rule that out. that is a possibility. get set for a fairly wet day.
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current temperatures around the area, cool day, 56 degrees in washington. 47 in baltimore. 45 in frederick. 52 dulles and in fredricksburg, virginia, it's 59 degrees. forecast, simple. cloudy, cool, rain developing. high around 60, maybe 61, 62 depending on where you are with periods of rain and a thunderstorm possible. we will have more details in the forecast coming up. >> i don't want to see you faking any injuries to give tucker more playing time. >> rest those vocal chords. >> let's check in with julie wright. >> off to a quiet start with no incidents record traveling south at the wilson bridge. nice out of oxon hill out of alexandria. no trouble spots on 95 up to newington. overnight construction with the hot lane work is cleared off 66 as well as the beltway. the change in the traffic
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pattern 193 out of vienna, through that intersection to the traffic light. make a left turn now you are sharing that ramp to head northbound on 495 in the direction of bethesda. 650 new hampshire avenue, no problems. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. the celebration continues in chile. the last rescue worker and miner made their way to the surface of the earth. the reunions watched and celebrated by the entire world. 33 men made their way out. >> they were trapped for nearly 70 days. this morning there is celebration around the world. sarah simmons is live in the technical operation center with
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more. >> reporter: good morning. it was impressive to watch it as it unfolded before all of our eyes yesterday. people in every corner of the world seemed to watch the chilean miners as they were being rescued, watching via tv or the internet. they were amazed at their capacity to cope for so long and how they would deal with the uncenter at the all that time. a rock collapsed trapping the 33 miners. in the u.s., members of the chilean community gathered to watch the drama unfold on tv. many of the miners looked remarkably well due to the fact that they emerged from roughly half a mile under the earth. experts warned they will likely face a slew of health issues. there were many that had underlying health conditions that they were dealing with. now dealing with the aftermath and the stress of everything
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that was being involved with that, trapped under the ground is something that they will have to deal with as well. it's definitely not over for the miners yet. back to you. health experts worry the road ahead will be filled with hurdles. they could develop post traumatic stress syndrome as they readjust to life outside of the mine and concerns about their existing health problems. >> as they feel more stress, i get concerned about their diabetes, high blood pressure. many have underlying medical problems. >> officials sent down medicine, food and water and told them to prepare by exercising. experts warned them maintaining a daily scheme would be critical. our other big story,
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michelle rhee is stepping down at the end of the month. this comes a few weeks after the man that appointed her, adrian fenty was defeated in the democratic primary. during her three years in office, she was best known for firing hundreds of school staffers. she appeared on the oprah winfrey show and in the documentary waiting for superman. her announcement is getting mixed reaction. >> as far as i could see, she wasn't doing anything to help the schools. she was pressing school uniforms, things like that. >> rhee and fenty made mistakes in their approach. but that being said, it was important to get in there and shake things up and try new things. >> rhee's top management team agreed to remain in place. deputy chancellor kaya
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henderson will take over as interim chancellor. she is 40 years old, daughter of a school principal. she earned her bachelor and masters from georgetown. she has 13 years of experience working in d.c. school system and credited with the teacher contract reached with the union. a 4-year-old child is safe and sound after being caught in the middle of a car jacking. a man jumped into a car before 10:00 last night. police believe the carjacker dumped the vehicle on southern avenue then took off when he realized the child was in the back seat sleeping. the child is okay and back with his parents. d.c. police are on the hunt for man behind a deadly workplace shooting that happened around 6:00 yesterday morning on w street. public works employee larry hutchison was killed and another injured. the shooter was in a dpw uniform. dpw maintains the gunman was
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not someone that employees recognized. no arrests have been made. the explosion rocked an entire neighborhood. coming up next, we will have new details about what triggered up. th.ou
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making headlines, investigators have determined that a gas pipeline triggered last month's massive inferno in california. 37 homes were destroyed, eight people were killed. crews in san bruno removed more than 700 tons of charred debris. sparks were flying in delaware's national debate last night. chris o'connell and coins attacked each other. >> i frankly can't imagine where she found the numbers that unemployment doubled in the past year under my watch. i suspect we will need to keep a close eye on the numbers that go flying back and forth with. >> did you find them.
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>> department of labor statistics. but i want to point out that he said that we are not creating a culture of dependency. how would you create -- explain what is happening when unemployment leveled out and more and more people are on food stamps. what do we want delaware to receive, food stamps or paychecks. first lady michelle obama em parked on a two-week campaign to help democrats struggling. she will cast herbal lot in chicago for early voting. she stopped in wisconsin to show support for russ feingold. >> she will help motivated many young people to vote. >> it's unlikely she will show up and suddenly a democratic candidate, whether it's here in
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illinois or up in wisconsin or colorado are suddenly going to see a huge jump in the poll numbers. >> the first lady will be in seven states the next 12 days traveling on weekdays so she can spend time with her daughters. serious claims against the largest bar in college park still ahead. >> i see people urinating on the floor, underaged kids served and not cut off when they are so intoxicated they can barely make their way home. >> following multiple stabbings outside the bar, there are calls for the place to be shut down. >> in a few moments, the latest on the weather forecast. take the umbrella with you. we expect rain showers to move in later on this morning. duct system as the lungs of the house. expulsion of air. dust and dirt that helping the house to breathe. say i'm a doctor. not a doctor either. suction. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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let's take a look at traffic on the 14th street bridge. traffic is light so far. we will check in with julie and see how things are looking elsewhere. back down to chile for an update on the 33 miners safely above the earth's surface. this is the final miner being pulled to safety. the crowds cheered as the last rescue worker was pulled out of the mine. they thought it would take four months to get the men out. turned out to be over two months, 70 days. all of the miners are said to be in good health. >> they did a great job, didn't they. >> hats off to them. i mentioned this yesterday. it reminds me of apollo 13 in the '70s. people in peril, initially it looks bleak.
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they come up with a plan and execute, fantastic. >> good stuff. we watched a lot of it live yesterday morning. this morning we are keeping an eye on the weather. we have rain moving in. >> rain showers not too far out to the west. some of the viewers are getting precipitation. hd radar. rain showers across the area, maybe a couple of thunderstorms as well. look out to the west of front royal, shower activity. a little spot of heavy rain, a little blip there. wherever you see yell lows and oranges you get heavy rain. the areas in green are rain showers, down near culpeper as well and traveling down 95 toward fredricksburg a little north of there, west of 95 actually as you are traveling in that direction. now, let's take a look at the big picture. nothing in washington. as we take a look at the big picture, frontal system, rain activity moving in during the course -- later on this
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morning, again, as you -- since you see it on the radar, won't belong before it's moving to the washington area itself some parts of the area could see up to an inch of rain before it's over late tonight. that is a possibility as this area of low pressure will drag across the east. the high pressure has been pushed out of here as we see the clouds move in and precipitation. then the low that tracks east, we get winds cthe low. we will have breezy to windy conditions developing late tonight into tomorrow. tomorrow will be a fairly blustery day. temperatures around the region, 57 degrees in the district. annapolis at 60. baltimore cool 48. frederick, maryland 46 degrees. our friends in fredricksburg are at 59 degrees. forecast today, cool, cloudy. we saw the live shot a few moments ago, cloudy outside. rain is likely. maybe a couple of thunderstorms
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here and there. high about 60. then tonight, a cool night. check it out. 48 degrees. that is in town. you can look for the low 40s outside of town. remaining cloudy overnight. winds out of the northwest 10 to 15 gusting to 25 miles per hour. five-day forecast, a few showers particularly in the early part of the day, rather breezy. 65. the weekend looks great. we upped the numbers for sunday. sunday night for the redskins game, pleasant, cool. you will need a jacket. then monday, 69 degrees and sunny. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. now an update on traffic with julie wright. >> not looking bad now. we have lanes open in each direction traveling south at the wilson bridge, gurvir mentioned this, we are finding closures on maryland avenue,
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constitution, pennsylvania and again this is from filming transformers three downtown. 66 coming from nutley to the beltway all the lanes are open. overnight construction cleared. the beltway open for business between tysons and braddock. no incidents on 270. southbound traffic, germantown to the split. that's a check of folks 5 on- time traffic. we have a fox five follow- up. police arrested a man in the stabbing of four people in college park. 21-year-old is charged with attempted second degree murder and assault. fight over bar stool spilled out on to the street. maryland campus police sat biggest bar, thirty turtle is a problem for them. they want the place shut down. john henrehan has part of that story. >> reporter: the street stabbings were the culmination
5:21 am
of a bar fight that police say began inside the thirsty turtle. campus police chief david mitchell told reporters the biggest bar off campus is a chronic source of under-age drinking. >> there was one case where a student was having trouble breathing, obviously intoxicated and the proprietors refused to call an ambulance. probably because the victim is underage. this has to stop. >> reporter: students in maryland confirm the animal house picture that chief mitchell paints about the thirsty turtle. here is joe. >> i have seen people urinating on the floor, underage kids served, underage kids not cut off when they are so intoxicated they could barely make their way back home. >> reporter: joe has been going since he was a freshman. did you go there underage. >> yeah. >> reporter: how did you get in. >> tag along with a friend who has already been in there that night, give a nod to someone
5:22 am
you know working the door. slip them an extra five bucks. >> reporter: another student we will call seth confirmed evening joe told us. >> students vomiting on the boar, students falling asleep in the bathroom on the toilet, getting carried out by three or four people. i saw a girl was so drunk she sat down and fell asleep and the bouncers put a trash bag over her head with a hole in it so she could breath. >> reporter: the attorneys told us that this establishment is fully cooperating with the police investigation of the stabbing and she expects the business to be fully exonerated. a hearing on the liquor license will likely happen in november. john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> thank you. we still have a lot more for you this morning including the uproar over hundreds of thousands of questionable foreclosures. the latest on a new investigation.
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the top government lawyers from every state in the nation want to know if big mortgage firms broke the law in foreclosuring on hundreds of thousands of homeowners. >> we all have that same issue, how big is the problem? right now, jim, we are talking about the unknowns. >> reporter: the problem that
5:26 am
started the current uproar, even though the documents were prepared, in 23 states a single official has to sign the papers and make a pledge to the judge. >> the person says i have read the foreclosure documents. i have read the mortgage documents and i believe that the foreclosure here is justified. >> reporter: but the signing officials, swamped with thousands of foreclosures a month did not review the documents. >> that is supposed to be done carefully and properly under the law. these affidavits are, in fact, fraudulent. >> reporter: the ohio ag who wants a freeze on foreclosures concedes no one knows if the foreclosures are justified or not. >> there is a lot we don't know. we are at the beginning of the case. >> reporter: several ags fratly rejected a notion of a freeze which they fear would hurt the states more. >> i think we have to keep the market moving. we can't let things stall.
5:27 am
the idea of suing or bringing everything to a halt asking for a moratorium is not something that i'm willing to consider. >> reporter: zeller says almost 25% of the homes on the market in indiana are from foreclosures. the last thing they want to do is slow things down with a freeze or cumbersome investigation. we have to keep the market moving. in washington, jim engle, fox news. >> jim, thanks. still plenty ahead this morning on fox 5 news. up next, president obama and sarah palin one time and maybe future opponents but now possibly relatives? are they actually related? we will explain. the latest on the big story that has the entire world talking. the rescue of those 33 trapped miners all safe this morning. e
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welcome back. 5:30 on this thursday morning, october the 14th. rain is not falling in that picture but i think rain is coming -- heading in this direction. i don't know what i'm trying to say. >> you are right. it's down to the west. we have clouds over us this morning. you couldn't see it in that shot. you could see it earlier. it's on the way. take an umbrella with you. take a jacket. it will be a cool day around
5:31 am
here today. the latest radar image, we can show you as we go to the graphics, what is happening out there. good amounts of rain out to the west. getting closer. during the next few hours rain showers will spread across the washington area. the heaviest rain is well out to the west and done west and southwest of richmond, virginia they have good rain showers down there. we are already seeing thunderstorms down across southern virginia late yesterday. we can't rule out a thunderstorm or two moving through the region. current conditions at reagan, 57 degrees. relative humidity 77%. the winds are out of the east at 5 miles per hour. those will pick up late today and into tomorrow you will feel the wind pick up. day planner, lots of clouds around, periods of rain. we could see up to an inch of rain possible in parts of the viewing area. high today about 60 degrees. that's what we have on tap for today. >> that's what we call a raw
5:32 am
kind of day. >> i would agree. >> let's see if traffic is moving already. let's check in with julie. >> so far so good. we have the dry pavement in our favor. this afternoon it will be a different story. right now no incidents to report north of town leaving college park to 270. 395 traffic rolling at speed across the potomac. 295 in maryland up to speed leaving the beltway heading to the inbound 11th street bridge. traveling the top side again, at speed past university boulevard and 270. southbound 270 looking good into germantown. that's a check of the fox 5 on- time traffic. the crowds cheered in celebration as the last rescue worker and miner made their way
5:33 am
to the surface of the earth. big hugs around. these joyous reunions were watched and celebrated by the entire world. >> we have seen 33 men make their way out. >> people around the world are impressed and inspired how they worked so well today. sarah simmons has more. >> reporter: one after one as each miner is pulled to the surface, the scene is repeated, first cheers then the long awaited reunion with loved ones then they are risked off to triage before being flown to a hospital about 35 miles away. >> this rescue is a tribute to the determination of the rescue workers and the unity and resolve of the chilean people who inspired the world. >> i continue to entrust our through define goodness with hope the miners in chile.
5:34 am
many thanks. may god bless you. >> reporter: chilean's president said two of the miners told them the first five days underground were filled with anguish. when they heard the first sounds of drilling, they regained hope. >> when the first contact was established, it was the confirmation of something that they knew that the whole of chile was committed to their rescue. >> reporter: many looked remarkably well as they emerged from half a mile below the earth. now they will likely face a slew of health issues. >> as they feel more and more stress, i get more concerned about their diabetes, high blood pressure. many have under playing medical problems. feared dead for 17 days, the men rationed tiny portions of tuna and milk. officials sent down medicine, food and water. told them to prepare exercising mentally and physically. experts say their lives have changed forever. the big question is how much.
5:35 am
>> how do you relate to your wife. how do you relate to the kids when you say who will go to the soccer game. can you hear that in the same way. >> that was sarah simmons reporting. for more on the rescue, we have a photo gallery with images from the entire ordeal. check it out on the other big story, the shakeup at d.c. public schools. michelle rhee announced she is officially stepping down. she made that announcement yesterday. during the three years on the job, she made headlines for replacing principals at failing schools and firing hundreds of school staffers. she appeared on the oprah winfrey show and in the education documentary waiting for superman. the reaction to her departure has been generally positive. >> i think it's important thing to do so we have seamless
5:36 am
transition on education. all of us are for education reform. >> i think this panned out in the best way possible for the children of the district of columbia. michelle rhee is a change agent. very often they don't hang around to see the end results. >> her departure is weeks after the man who appointed her, mayor fenty was defeated in the democratic primary. kaya henderson will take over as interim chancellor until a permanent replacement is named next month. she is 40, the daughter of a school principal. earned her bachelor's and masters from georgetown. she is 13 years working in d.c. school system and credited with the teacher contract. police are on the hunt of a carjacker that took a vehicle with a child in the car. police think the carjacker
5:37 am
dumped the car on southern avenue and took off when he realized a 4-year-old child was in the back seat sleeping. the carjacker is still missing. no arrests in a deadly workplace shooting in northeast washington. shots rang out about 6:00 yesterday morning at the department of public works lot on w street. larry hutchins was killed and another injured. officers sat shooter was in uniform but the department of public works says the gunman wasn't somebody that employees recognized. one time and maybe future opponents but now possible relatives up next. could president obama be related to sarah palin. ce
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making headlines, new controversy surrounding new york's republican candidate for governor. carl paladino opposes gay marriage but he rented clubs to two gays. again kneologists studying president obama's family tree made interesting connections. according to the president is related to top political enemies. the president and sarah palin
5:41 am
are tenth cousins linked to a pastor named john smith who settled in 17th century massachusetts and was a socially conscious man opposed to the persecution of the quakers. the president is also related to rush limbaugh. and quite possibly to gurvir and i. >> you never know. some historians are pretty sure this is what happens to this fellow in buffalo. this painting was handed down from this man's great grandfather. he stored it behind a sofa. he recently had it tested. they think this might be a michelangelo. >> we identified and are supportive of the idea that the painting could have come from that early date. >> if the painting happens to be a real mickle angelo, it could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. think he's related to the
5:42 am
president. one local dog owner, her puppy high on illegal drugs. >> he could not stand. he couldn't keep his head up and his eyes were sort of all glassy. >> up next, what this pup put in his mouth that made him get high. 
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traffic on 395 right now close to the pentagon there moving well. so far so good at 5:45 this morning. >> rain is moving in. that might slow things down a bit. >> eventually. later on this morning as matter of fact. not too many showers out across the washington area. out to the west we are seeing rain. hd radar, we can show that to you in high definition. you can see the rain showers in green. it's getting bigger, the area in yellow and orange. that is where we are seeing heavier rainfall just out there. again, we are talking out to the west near front royal.
5:46 am
there you go. down near culpeper some blips down there including heavier rainfall. washington, d.c. itself not seeing anything yet. dale city, a little rain there. out to west of manassas, a little rain. it will be a while as this continues to track to the east and move through our region. meanwhile, what you need to know as you are getting the kids ready for school, the bus stop forecast, skies certainly cloudy. showers possible. again, we are seeing that out to the west. temperatures in the mid-50s. sunrise this morning, not that you will see much of it, 7:16. current temperatures around the region, 57 degrees here in the district. 55 in manassas, winchester 53. annapolis at 60 at this hour. baltimore a cool 48 degrees. here is what will be going on during the course of the day today. we have rain showers in advance of a cold front that will be coming through. an area of low pressure tracks to the east then moves up the
5:47 am
coast. it's a nor'easter for all intents and purposes and bringing significant amounts of rain to the northeast. we won't bear the brunt of it but up to the north and east they will be getting quite a bit of rainfall. a preview where the temperatures will be in the messy weather that we are seeing. forecast cool, cloudy, rain likely. high 60 degrees. nine degrees below normal. five-day forecast, i think it will be blustery. the winds pick up tonight and through the day tomorrow. a few showers possible. saturday and sunday look really nice. temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to 70s on sunday. sunshine monday. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. here is julie wright. >> so far so good on dry pavement that is working in our favor between annandale. 395 traffic leaving the beltway
5:48 am
across the inbound 14th street bridge. light traffic volume for those on the gw parkway to the beltway to the key bridge. traveling in montgomery county, lanes are open south on 270. no problems in rockville out to the split. 880 and train number 892 have been canceled for this morning. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. traffic alert this morning as julie has been talking about earlier today. more movie set shut downs. several streets closed this morning as the crews continue to shoot transformer's 3. maryland avenue southwest between third and sixth will be closed until 4:00 this afternoon. closer to the white house, 20th and 21st streets northwest between c and constitution shut down until noon tomorrow and in the area of the capitol, independence between third and 7th closed until 10:00 a.m.
5:49 am
there are closings and plenty of parking restrictions. you can find that in one place at the dogs sniff and eat just about anything. a maryland woman learned that the hard way. she had him a few weeks when he put something in his mouth that got him high. will thomas has the fox 5 focus on how this happened. >> reporter: cynthia painter and her toy poodle named senator are incep par -- inseparable. this is my child. they take multiple walks every day. about a week ago, senator put something in his mouth that nearly killed him. >> it was one of these steps where we found it. several cigarette butts and he found one. >> reporter: within an hour he
5:50 am
showed erratic signs. >> he couldn't stand, couldn't keep his head up, eyes were glassy. >> reporter: painter rushed her beloved poodle to the friendship hospital for animals. the doctor treated senator. >> i asked if he ingested a substance, whether it was alcohol or marijuana or some sort of other illicit street drug. >> reporter: eddie techable amounts of marijuana and trace amounts of cocaine in his system, ingredients that you may find in dippers, cigarettes dipped in drugs. >> as soon as the vet saw him, she said he was stoned. >> difficulty walking, not alert or responsive to their owners. >> reporter: problem in urban areas where drug use remnants are more easily found. >> from time to time we do. we just encourage people to be careful with their belongings and what people pick up on the
5:51 am
street. >> reporter: senator could be renamed lucky. it would fit. you see, if cynthia painter wasn't watching him carefully that day. >> i took it out of his mouth and threw it aside. >> reporter: the ending to the story could be different. in chevy chase, maryland, will thomas, fox 5 news. >> she is warning parents if this can happen to her dog it can happen to a child. it's important to keep an eye on their every move. he faked an injury to get his teammate more playing time. up next, why gilbert arenas is involving the media on this one and what his coach has to say. 
5:52 am
woman 1 sync: i knew what bob ehrlich did as governor. man 1 sync: raised my property taxes 60 percent. woman 2 sync: let utilities hike our rates 72 percent. woman 1 sync: but i didn't know what he's done since he got fired as governor. man 2: ehrlich's raked in millions. man 3: he worked for a wall street bank that took 10 billion dollars from the bailout. woman 3: 10 billion of our money. woman 4: our money. woman 5 sync: and he worked for another bank that collapsed. man 4: costing tax payers 17 million. anncr: tell bob ehrlich big banks don't need help. middle class marylanders do. [ announcer ] complete opposites...] in complete harmony. introducing the sport hybrid. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ dance rock ] ♪ hey ♪ [ woman vocalizing ]
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quick check of sports. capitals last year scored 45 more goals than any other team in the league. last night with the islanders they had 12 on the season, best in the league. this is not about score. d.j. king got in a scrap. he landed big blows but was on
5:55 am
the receiving end. second period caps trail. ovechkin with the fourth goal of the year. mike green with a check but comes up favoring his right shoulder. he leaves the game. on a power play, reverse what happened earlier, alex ovechkin letting it rip. caps lead the islanders 2-1. next up the predators in nashville. wouldn't you like to know what the coach things of gilbert arena's fake injury. he was fined and did not play against the hawks. he made up the story so he could get his buddy nick young more playing time. coach saunders didn't find out about the hoax until late tuesday night with a text. he dealt with it immediately. with everybody talking about the latest controversy, they addressed it after practice. >> trying to get playing time under his belt because he is working hard at practice and i
5:56 am
screwed up again. i want to say sorry. >> i didn't know nothing about it. i heard this morning, i seen it on tv. >> i'm more disappointed personally because, you know, i believe in you. we have a trust factor. i told him, you have to be honest with me. >> i wasn't thinking this would be another media outburst. like everything i do now is someone -- tit for tat, trying to blow it out of proportion. >> we will talk about that in the junkies in the next half hour. redskins getting ready for the colts at fed ex. rocky is sidelined with a concussion. albert haynesworth has been mourning the passing of his brother. landry named between safe
5:57 am
player of the week. he had a game high 13 tackles, 10 and sifted. he produced both redskins turnovers in the victory over green bay. >> this is great. i'm looking forward to this week. >> defense is build around him. making plays from the strong safety position. he is making the plays. >> quarterback brett favre considering ending his nfl record of 289 consecutive games played due to tendinitis in his right hand. >> that is impressive. when you said ending, i thought not again. >> nothing new there. straight ahead, more on the big story, the world reacts to the historic rescue of the 33 miners in chile, a full report. and we will check out the morning commute and weather.
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